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We thank you all for your patron and support.

Last updated : October 2009


"Thank you very much for your wonderful work on these shoes. Ive been enjoying wearing them. The width was a bit tight at first. The fit is becoming perfect over time.  Im ready to place another order with you. Is it possible to place an order for two pairs of shoes and have them shipped together to save on shipping costs?"
-Eran, October, 2009

"Please thank the team at Siam leather for their wonderful work in creating the customised wallet as required. The product has arrived in perfect condition and I am extremely happy with the result. Thank you. I hope to work with your very professional team again as it was my pleasure.  Regards and  best wishes,"
-Judi, September 2009

"Hi Sumet,I just wanted to email to say thank you so so much for the shoes. I had my brother's wedding last weekend and the shoes were fabulous all day and so comfy. Thanks again. If I'm back in Bangkok I'll definitely pop in again for another pair. I'll be recommending you to anyone I know coming to Thailand!  Hope you and your wife are well,  Regards,"
-Sophie, August 2009

"Thank you very much for delivering my shoes to the VIE Hotel on Wednesday evening...I am very pleased with them.  Best wishes,"
-Gordon Phillips, May 2009

"The shoes arrived today and they look great. I appreciate the work and look forward to doing business with you again.  Regards,"
-Mike Johnston, March 2009

"Thx is a wonderul and excellent job, I will send my new project to U soon.
-Thomas Laniyan,
  March 2009

"My beautiful white shoes arrived. Thank you both once again. "
-Nan, March 2009

Krystal M, February 2009

Hello Tan Va! How are you? I'm sorry it took so long for mw to get back to you - I wanted to thank you very much for the really beautiful ostrich wallet and shoes you made for me - Both of the Items exceeded my expectations!
You are a real Artist!  See you again when I'm in Thailand!  Sincerely,
-Steve Beyer.  A VERY happy Customer!"  November, 2008

Shoes received. Very pleased. Thank you for good service.
-Martin Page, October 2008

"The shoes are perfect, looking foreward to receive it, i give again my adress that is..."
-Colombo Luigi, Italy, September 2008

"Dear Woody, the shoes arrived and I am delighted with them.  I hope that you kept my measurements in your shop because I would like this winter to buy a brown pair exactly like the black ones that you have kindly made for me, alligator with low heels.  I do hope that my check to you in the future will be accepted at once and that I shall not have to send a wire.  Thank you so much!"
-Mary Raitt, October 2008

"Today I've got my new golf bag.  It' the Masterpiece,  Thank You and Your Company for perfect work, best regards"

-Przemyslaw Krych, October 2008


We received the briefcase! It is gorgeous!  Larry was very surprised for his birthday and loves it very much.  Thank you for your expert handling of this!  I may be coming to you for a stingray small handbag in the near future!
-Cheryl Haelterman, June 2008

"Today I've got my new shoes, it's very good, Many thanks for You and Your Company.  I've been thninking about next orders.  best regards"

-Przemyslaw Maciej Krych, June 2008



Good evening. As of Monday morning I would place another order because I received my parcel and I am very satisfied with you. Thank you very much and with very soon for the maid and long trade. Cordially.



"in the first week in february 2008 we visited your shop and we bought a black handbag in black crocodile for 40,000 bath and some smaller pieces for my husband.  We are very content with your bag and so we ask, wether you can sell us a different bag, style Celine  also in black crocodile but high polished lether?  In your shop you told us, that the price would be the same, if I take a bag out of your shop. Do you have such a bag and what would be the price, including sending to our adress in Munich. We would transfer the money immediately.  Thank you for answer.  So soon"
-Angelika, Germany, March 2008

"Shoes arrived and fit perfectly. I am very pleased. Will want to order some lace-up shoes. Any way I can see what you have to offer. thks,
-Steve Larson, Feburary 2008

Your boots came today and I LOVE them. Thanks!
-Dan Birch, Februrary 2008

"I just want to confirm safe receipt of the leather card holder you made for me. Many thanks! "
-Spencer Reynolds, January 2008

"we are delighted with the last shoes and boots you have made! thanks you once again.  i attach two more photographs and would like you to make me a pair just like these...happy new year"
-Anthony Creed, Janurary 2008

"The shoes and the bag  arrived and they are wonderful. Thank you "
Shirley Unwin, Decmeber 2007"

"Thank you so much!!!!! The briefcase arrived and it's beautiful.  I don't know how you got it to me so quickly!"
-Ashley Archer, December 2007

"I received the package on Friday and they are beautiful.  Thanks for all your help.  Cheers,"
-Elizabeth, December 2007

"My shoes arrived this morning.  As always, I am very pleased with my shoes and thank you again for your help and assistance.  I look forward to ordering more shoes in the very near future.  Regards."
-Lyndsey Muse, October 2007

"Thank you for your concern as to the delivery of these shoe.  The shoes arrived this morning and are no now making my feet and body feel like a million dollars, they are so comfortable. The height adjustment in the left hand shoe makes walking so much easier for me.  I will now find some other more casual styles, photograph them and send to you for copying.  Many thanks for your service and do not forget that should you wish to visit Australia and Queensland in particular you are very welcome to come and stay with us in Townsville.  Kind regards."
-Lincoln, September 2007

Thank you very much for the pictures. Both items really look marvellous.  They are exactly the way I wanted them.  I'm looking forward to receive them."
-Jim Brimhall, May 2007

"Thank you very much for the pictures. Both items really look marvellous.  They are exactly the way I wanted them.  I'm looking forward to receive them.  Thank you very much for the pictures. Both items really look marvellous.  They are exactly the way I wanted them.  I'm looking forward to receive them."
-Peter Moen, February 2007

"I received my shoes today (postage due) and they look great!  They are also quite comfortable, even having just come out of the box.  I am very happy with your company's work.  The invoice included in the box is a little confusing.  Will you run $48 on my credit card as indicated, or a different amount?  Please advise.  Thank you again for your wonderful work."
-WT Goodbey, Feburay, 2007

"We got the shoes!!! You are amazing. Thank you very much. I will recommend your store for everyone I know.  Thank you again, Ludmila.  Best wishes ahd happy New Year!"

-Ludmila, December 2006
"thank you so much for my shoes, they are perfect.  I will probably be ordering another pair in the near future, I will be in contact then.  yours sincerely"
-Gary Fuller, Novemeber 2006

"Jinny, I recevied the boots and they are fabulous!!!  The picture did not do them justice.  The boots fit great and they feel wonderful.  The packaging was superb.  Thanks to everyone that put this together.  Worth the wait..."

-Maggie, November 2006 

"....The new shoes look GREAT, and the fit is excellent!  I am so excited about finally having a pair of dress shoes that fit that I may be ordering another pair or two very shortly.  Thank you for all of your hlep.
-WT Godbey A satisfied cuctomer October 2006

"wow i am certainly impressed by your attention to details Jinny. how amazing to find a company with a high level of care..."
-Andy Buchanan September 2006

"Thank you so much for my shoes - they fit perfectly and I am so pleased with the result.  Thank you also for sending them so quickly - they arrived this afternoon, in time for my holiday. I will certainly be in touch again to have some further shoes made I will certainly be in touch again to have some further shoes made.  Thank you again for all your help. Regards. "
-Lyndsey Muse, September 2006

"Thanks Wong, you have been very friendly, courteous and cordial in all our correspondence and by look of the pictures have matched my order specifications perfectly.  Look forward to future business. 
-John Haynes, June 2006

"You bet - I will definitely give you my business in the future - your company is the best!  Thanks....JAY.
-Jay, USA, May 2006   

"Thank you very much for your quick work, you have no idea how much I appreciated this.  I received today the letter with the CITES and you can send the order of Mr. Kramer to my address."
-Richard van Huizen, Europe, May 2006

"Dear Mr. Wong, thank you very much for the shoes! The arrived on Thursday. On Friday my wife tried them and was really happy. At first they were a bit tight but now after 3 days of walking they fit perfectly at her feet. These are the best shoes she wore ever! She feels really comfortable and walks without any pain. Also the quality of leather, sole, heel and craftsmanship is excellent. She never had such a good leather!  Thank you very much for these shoes! I am really grateful and we will order some new shoes in the next days.  Before I have some questions...Can you make platform shoes?  Best regards, Dr. Roland Gauder (a very satisfied customer)   P.S. I will recommend your company to all my friends "
-Dr. Roland Gauder, April 2006

"Hello Wong how are you?  still can stop wondering-you have the best quality leather I ever saw!!!  the skirt and women shoes fit just perfect!!! please tell me how soon my new orders can be sent? Regards"
-Sawa, April 2006

"I got my replacement shoes today and I love them. You really have a nice product.  Will you keep my correct size on file or should I mail an imprint of my feet and my instep measurements for future orders? Again, thank you for your product and your service.   Sincerely, "
-Robert Keefer, USA, March 2006

"Dear Wong, They came out beautiful, thank you so very much for your continued quality and workmanship.  I look forward to receiving them and giving them to my dad for Christmas.  I know we'll be doing business again in the coming year. Again, thank you"
- Christine, New York, USA, Dec. 2005

"I received your shoes yesterday. Thank you very much. They are very comfortable and sooooo beautiful. Thanks again."
- Anita Madore, California, U.S.A., Nov. 2005

"Dear Wong, Thank you ever so much for your help. I just adore the bag (by the way my mother loved the smaller bag which I gave her for her birthday). "
- Rebecca Burr, October 2005 

"It looks just like the sketch design.  It looks great.!  Is the interior lining pink?  If so, send me a photo via e mail....Once I inspect the quality of the bag, I'm sure you will have earned my business.  I'm assuming you have a demo of this design in order to mass produce once I have received the proto-type in the US?
- Roberto Chavez, Oct. 2005

"Hi there...I am leaving in an hour and the wallet just arrived...!!  Perfect timing and it is so gorgeous, I am very happy with it... It was worth it and I thank you so much...   I will be back to order other things...   Thanks again for wonderful service... "
- Lise Wright, October 2005

"My order arrived today.  Thank you ever so much - the shoes fit perfectly and the bags are absolutely lovely!    Please expect another order from me very soon. "
- Rebecca Burr, September 2005

"Hey Wong:  I love my shoes and they fit perfectly.  Still, I am going measure my feet for the next pair and I really want to use lambskin for my leather shoes from now on."
- LINDA C. CHATMAN, September 2005

"Wong, This is Jay Hellums - I just ordered a custom-made pair of shoes a couple of months ago.  I love them!  Thanks so much for your quality workmanship - outstanding.  I was a little wary of you getting the "grained" (you refer to it as "lychee") leather just like I wanted - but they were perfect!  If I wished to order a pair of custom boots from you, do you keep the "last" of returning customers.....Thanks for all your help...."
- JAY HELLUMS, July 2005

"Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I received the boots a few weeks ago and they are absolutely fantastic they are in fact better than the originals. I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful service that you provided, and all of the help that I got from Wong in particular who answered all of my questions, and there were certainly a lot of them. I will definitely be recommending your services to others. I also have a leather wallet which I will need replicating and I will be in touch about this in the future. Many Thanks"
- Faisel Choudhry June 2005

"I received the shoes today and, as usual, they are beautiful! Thank you and your craftsmen for doing such wonderful work. "
-Kim Weiler, June 2005

"They look beautiful but I was almost afraid to put them on for fear they might not fit. They fit perfectly! !   I am thoroughly delighted with them. Thank you."
- Clair O'Brien, New York, U.S.A., June 2005

"Thank you, I'm very happy to purchase your wonder hand make products. I will be a loyal customer in the future. I will be ordering 3 more pair later, just need to verify the fit of the first pair. Respectfully,"
- Commander Brent Sebring, May 2005

"The shoes are great the quality the looks the feel and comfort are astonishing. Will you please send shoe laces with tassel ASAP.  Will be ordering again soon. Thank You"
- Bishop Charles Keyes, May 2005

"I received the shoes.  They are great!  They are perfect in terms of looks and fit.  Thank you very much.  If I want to order more shoes from you in the future...Thanks again Wong!  Please send my regards to your shoe maker."
- Will, April 2005

"I received my boots Tuesday morning!  They are fantastic!  You  are an incredible craftsman! I love them and they fit perfectly!  Thank you very much!  I  will be sure to tell anyone who asks me where I got them about you.  When  my complete costume is ready I will send you a picture. Thanks again."
- Frank Lobasso, March 2005

"Hi Wong! Just wanted to tell you I received my sting ray shoes today. They are of great quality and are a good fit. I will be ordering more things from your company in the future. A Happy Client,"
- David Musick, Feb 2005

"thanks, boots received, excellent fit and  craftmanship!!! "              
- Daren, Feb 2005

"Thank you very much, the wallet looks beautiful and can't wait to give it to my son for his birthday.  I know he'll be very pleased with it.  Look forward to seeing it in person and I'm sure I'll be doing business with you in the future. "
- Genevieve, Feb 2005

"thank you for my order, yesterday i received boots, I'm enjoying, this boots, size is perfect!  Thank you"
- Przemyslaw Krych, Feb 2005

"Dear Wong, The shoes look beautiful. Thank you so much! Your craftsmen have produced some very beautiful-looking shoes. I can't wait to receive them. Please ship all five pairs and please tell your craftsmen that they have done a wonderful job!  Thank you."
- Kim Weiler, Jan. 2005

"Dear Wong,  I just received my shoes and they are wonderful! Happy Holidays & Thanks."
-Doug Schneider, Dec. 2004

"Excellent! The shoes are perfect. Better than imagined them to be!"
- Mike, Dec. 2004

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my belts, shoes and bag.  They look great.  I would be interested in ordering a stingray clutch.... I'm already proving to be a regular customer (smile)."
- Pamela Bell, Dec. 2004

"The boots arrived today.... I AM THRILLED WITH THE RESULTS. Thank you so much!  When I get the shells attached and finished I will send pics of me in the whole costume with the boots. You can show you customers your AWESOME job!  SEND COMPLIMENTS TO YOUR CRAFTSMAN!!!!!   They did great work! "
- Bill France, Oct 2004

"The only way to describe the new shoes is perfect....please pass on to craftsman that they fit perfectly and look great.   Many thanks"
- Ron Miller, Williamsburg, USA, July 2004

"I received the bags today. They are beautiful! Thank you very much for your
excellent communication and good customer service."
-B. Arlene Murray, California, U.S.A., June 2004

"hey wong; you are the man! thanx a lot for the receipt. this is a monster cool thing! We will definitely be doing business together in the future. but directly. thank you again; "
Gerard Garofalo, U.S.A., April 2004

"Wow.  They look great.  If they are 1/2 as good as it looks in the picture, I'll probably be ordering a pair of boots from you next month. :-)"   A few weeks later......  "I've tried on the boots.  Wow. They are great and a perfect fit.  I'll give them a test run soon.  (I.e., I'll go out in them soon.)  Please tell your shoe crafter's that I express my gratitude.  They have done a wonderful job.  I will order from you again! "
-Jonathan Craft, March, 2004

The shoes arrived right on time and they are simply gorgeous! Thank you so much for a beautiful, well-made pair of shoes and for all of your prompt and courteous customer service. I look forward to working with you again!                  -Karen von Oppen, Pennsylvania, December 2003

"Dear Santa Wong, the DHL man delivered the beautiful alligator belt...  My husband opened it tonight and he loved it.  Thank you for being my Santa this year.  I will certainly recommend you to my friends and I hope to do business again in future.....  "
- Beth Higgins, Texas, December 2003

"It was my first purchase and at one corner of my heart there was a little bit of a worry about the product. I am so far from the company, never met them or seen the samples. But, I gave it a try. Just by using word to describe how I wanted my wallet to be and waited for the product to arrive. Wow! I was surprised! The wallet came just the way I wanted it to. You people are good! The color, texture, and the design was perfect for me and I will sure place more orders in the future. Its beautiful and everyone I know loves it too. Thank you Lilly. Keep up the excellent work!"
- Calvin Kim, New York, April, 2002

"I fax in my foot trace with an ordered of alligator shoes and make some changes to the design. I'm very satisfied with the quality of skin, workmanship and fit, and I' placing another order immediately and a friend will be placing an order shortly."
- G.Hunt Orange, N.J. USA March 2002

"Your shoes are better than the usual brands, even the high dollar brands, my shoe repair person gives you highest marks for quality. I have four pairs of your shoes already and I am ordering another pair of Stingray Shoes. I am very satisfied with your quality of service and I have recommended your products to about a dozen people over the last few years..."
- Joseph Soukup, Virginia, U.S.A, Feb., 2002

"We bought a pair of stingray boots online. The tracings and measurements were easy to do. The boots fit well and are excellent quality. We definitely recommend you to other customers! We have already told a couple of our friends about you. I am buying matching stingray accessories because the boots turned out so well and we know we will receive great service."
- M. Fontaine, Florida, U.S.A, October 2001

"I love my new Alligator wallet that I bought on the internet. I have shown all my friends and every1 is impressed. The workmanship is out standing and I would not hesitate to buy from you again. Thank you for a wonderful product !"
- Thomas Barker, Danvers Mass, U.S.A, Aug. 2001

"Third time back to Siam Leather Goods to by leather shoes made to measure. The quality and service is just great. Extremely punctual and great perfection."
- Thomas Stering, Germany, December 2000

"For the last five years we always and only bought very good quality leather goods - shoes, belts, leather jackets and especially purses at Siam Leather Goods shops' on Sheraton Hotel Phuket. The management of this shop is highly professional and can only be recommended."
- Karen + Mario Di Carto, United Kingdom, November 1999

"...with outstanding quality and very fair prices we shall be ordering again from Mr. Sam in the future, a true craftsman. Thank you for your hospitality."
- Wilfred E. Morton, United Kingdom, November 1999

"... I received the Stingray shoes this week... they are really great!!! I am very impressed... I really like them.. and they fit so well...and I will tell my friends about your products...."
- Mr. Soukup, Virginia, U.S.A., November 1999

"Excellent product workmanship...and I would, and have recommended your company to several people already. I have not found anything that is even a "blemish". From my eyes, the craftsmanship is top notch. Top leather and skin quality, as promised and expected. No surprises."
- Marty Schoen, FNP , Florida, U.S.A., July 1999



Product line : custom made men shoes, women shoes, sandals, boots, women boots, handbags, Berkins, Kelly style handbags, wallets, purses, belts, western belts, snap buckle belt, leather pants, vest, jacket, motorcycle jacket, skirt, cummerbund, golf bag, dog collar, briefcase, business bag, watch band, wine case in alligator skin, stingray skin, ostrich skin, snake skin, lamb skin, crocodile skin, shark skin, embossed alligator skin.


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