Custom Made Leather Store Business

Whether you have a shoes store, a tailor suit business, a shoe repair store, or you are just a increditably talented designer or a motivate entrepreneur, you can have a custom made leatherwear business with over 20 years of experience workshop behind you to serve your customer.

How does it work

You can add our product line as an addition to your current business or as your new business venture.   It's simple and no investment needed.  All we need to know is.....what your customer wants to order (i.e.. what product, style, leather, color, size) and you can email us and we will give you a quote and can get your order started.  

Sooner or later, you will want a more permanent form of our business adding to yours.   We have put together a package (Starter Kit)  that will help you to get your own custom made leatherwear store started.  This package contains our Catalog, forms foot measurement device, promotional material, and pricing.   All information and material in this package are extracted from our website.  You can either order the material below from us for $95 and will get $35 credit back to your next order.   Or you can put the Starter Kit yourself.  You can download all the material from link below.

Starter Kit  :  (for Downloading)

How it works

  1. Select style, leather & color : show catalog to your customer for product, leather, and color selection.  If the style and color your customer want is not in our catalog, please email us and most like we can help you to find something that your customer want.
  2. Measurement : write down all the measurement and details.  If it's shoes order, it's best to have a pair of shoes that fit your customer best and send us as size sample.  You can also use foot measurement device to measure your customer's foot size.
  3. Get quote & Order : Please email us for price quote.  All order needed to be placed via   You will received a order confirmation with expected delivery date.  Once the product is made, we will take of picture of your product and email you for your approval before we ship them to you.  Drop shipping is available.


Just email us


Why is this business so successful?

In today's market place, most of product are mass produced forcing consumer with or without means to fit into shoes that doesn't fit their feet.  We have customer who is hip replacement patient that needs one shoes is higher than the other.  We have customer emails us sketch or photo of bag with precise measure of compartment that fit their cell phone, black berry, wallet, or other personal items.  We have customers who bring us brand name leather goods and asked us to reproduce with alternative color and leathers.  We have customer want us to reproduce old leather goods that is no longer available in the market.  

Everyone have their own personal needs that are different, and no one company has the ability to fill that individual needs in U.S. & Europe because of the high labor market and reduced in skilled leather workmen.  There is definitely a market for custom made leather product.   You can fill this demand in the market with us supporting you 100%.  You can simply start with our Start Kit above.

If you have any question or any suggestion, please email us .  We would be glad to hear from you.


Adjustment and remake

Most of our customers' experience with our foot wear ranges from "the best shoes I have ever worn" to "I will never have to find another shoes company again"  However, in the unusual event, where shoes need adjustment, we stand behind our product 100%.  Any adjustment is free of charge.  However, all shipping costs are customer's responsibilities.   If the product needs to be remade,  we will make a one time refund of 50% of the price paid on the first pair of the product.


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