We can transfer your imagination from a paper sketch and into reality.   Everything from a personalized size wallet, belt, dog collar, to an alligator cigar case with personal initials is possible. The possibilities are limitless!  Since we are the manufacturer, we allow you to cut out that proverbial middle man, saving you money on an item that is of the highest quality. We will work with your specific requests and measurements.  We do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers!!

Any Style.......Any Size.......as easy to order as...1....2....3 

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How to Order

All our custom made products are made with highest quality leather, handmade by our experienced workmen.  To order, follow the 3 simple steps in the order form below.

Once we receive your order, we will send you an email to confirm details of your order and the expected delivery date (usually 4-6 weeks).  Once your product is made, we will email you a picture for your approval.  So you will get to see your custom product before you even received them in the mail. 

"It was my first purchase and at one corner of my heart there was a little bit of a worry about the product. I am so far from the company, never met them or seen the samples. But, I gave it a try. Just by using word to describe how I wanted my wallet to be and waited for the product to arrive. Wow! I was surprised! The wallet came just the way I wanted it to. You people are good! The color, texture, and the design was perfect for me and I will sure place more orders in the future. Its beautiful and everyone I know loves it too. Thank you Lilly. Keep up the excellent work!"
- Calvin Kim, New York, April, 2002  See More Testimonials

3 easy steps to order custom made bags:

 Choose Style and Leather 

Enter style number: , or upload your style images, sketches or photos.

Choose the style either from our collections or by providing your own sample.  You may email a photo, or mail us an actual sample (make sure to include your full name and a reference to the items you are purchasing).

Leather:          Color:         Leather and Color Samples


    Provide Fit & Measurement

What size do you normally wear (for belt only)? 

You may also provide the following helpful information:

  • If you have ordered online with us before, simply provide us with your previous custom order number: 

  • If you have ordered from one of our stores before, please provide the date and store location where you visited.  Store location:    Month/Year: 

  • If you are sending us original samples, please send to:  Siam Leather Goods:  32 Surawong Rd., Bangkok, 10500 Thailand

Fill in measurements below


Width: inches

Measure the side width of the wallet, as shown.


Length: inches

Measure the length of the wallet, as shown.




Belt Measurement

1.   Width: inches.  (Measure the width of the belt.)

2.  Length: inches.  (Measure the length of the belt, starting from belt buckle to the hole that is most comfortable for you.  Alternatively, you can give us your waist size in inches and indicate "waist size".)


Enter special requests, product description, or other comments.

 (Bifold or trifold wallet;  number and type of wallet pockets; etc.)



 Payment  Form 

Customer Billing Information (Must Match Credit Card)

First Name:   

Last Name:

Middle Initial:


Note:  Please do not include any symbols as part of the address (e.g. #, (), -,*)

City:   Province or State:   






Shipping Address (if different from billing address)

First Name:   

Last Name:


City:   Province or State:   





Amount: U.S. Dollars.  Please include $35 shipping cost.

Please enter only the number for the total amount of the purchase and shipping cost.  Do not include a dollar sign, any other symbols, or additional information.

Shipping & Return Policy


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